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Wall Tie Surveys and Replacement .

Crack Stitching and Masonry Repairs.

Based in Kent we are full members of both the Wall Tie Installers Federation and Property Care Association  as well as being Government approved Trust Mark” contractors for Wall Tie Surveys, Wall Tie Replacement, Crack Stitching, Bowing Wall Restraints and Structural Repair work.

We cover the whole of Kent and East Sussex.

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Your Wall Tie survey will be carried out by our own directly employed CSRT qualified Remedial Surveyor who will view the wall for obvious signs of failure such as lateral cracking to the mortar beds and bowing walls.

We will then locate existing ties using a hand held detector and view their condition within the cavity to assess their condition and determine whether or not they need replacing.

All of our remedial works are undertaken by time served , directly employed, trained Wall tie Installation operatives working to the relevant British Standards. We only use materials that have appropriate certification such as BBA approval.

Our Wall Tie works are fully Guaranteed. As members of both the PCA and WTIF these are accepted by all major lenders.

Many thanks to you and your team for the  quality of the work completed  and for your patience  assistance and  whilst we sorted out  the roofing works,  Marion popped down  yesterday afternoon and says the guys have cleaned up  really well Phil Thompson

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Over time, the process of corrosion of mild steel cavity wall ties causes original wall ties to expand. This expansion has the effect of forcing apart the bricks above and below the bed joints in which the wall ties are laid, producing a pattern of horizontal cracks coinciding with the tie positions approximately every six courses. 

The corrosion of the cavity wall ties or the lack of sufficient cavity wall ties used in the original construction means that many properties require either further replacement wall ties to be inserted or the original cavity wall ties replaced.

Our remedy for cavity wall tie corrosion is a straight forward procedure,we carry out a survey of the existing wall ties by locating, drilling and inspecting them.

We then install replacement wall ties without the removal of any brickwork in positions staggered from the original cavity wall ties.
Wall tie replacement is carried out in a uniform spacing pattern: a diamond formation with remedial wall ties at 900mm centres in courses set 450mm apart. At door and window openings the spacing is reduced to 300mm vertically.

The original cavity wall ties then need to be isolated to prevent further damage to the cavity wall. Isolation of the cavity wall ties can be achieved by fitting sleeves or foam around the external end of the cavity wall tie.

We have a range of stainless steel replacement wall ties to suit most situations as well as other types of stainless steel restraints, stitching bars and anchors to deal with the problems caused when buildings deteriorate and are no longer structurally sound.

We also carry out masonry bed reinforcement, repairs to failed brick arch lintels, stitching of structural cracks and installation of lateral wall restraints that prevent bulging walls by restraining the brickwork through to internal walls / floor joists.

All of our works are covered by a company guarantee. A separate GPI insurance backed guarantee is also available.

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